Love Has Strings

For over 25 years, Marcy Heisler and I have been writing songs about love and the unique romantic comedy of looking for it in New York. These songs serve as a musical diary that Marcy and I share in concert. As years went by, the songs took on a life of their own, and many artists across the country began performing and recording them.

We’ve often experimented with collections of these songs, and continue talking about the best overarching theme for them. Listening to my orchestrations for a recording that utilized a string quartet one day, Marcy thought maybe we had found an interesting answer.

“Love has strings…” We loved the idea of melodically illustrating the stumbling bonds we forge that create the music of our lives.

Combining the longing of a string quartet with the frisson of a jazz trio, I set about arranging…and we set about creating a sound for an evening that would emotionally satisfy our audience, celebrate our subject, and capture our voice in its most authentic form.

Music and Orchestrations by Zina Goldrich
Book and Lyrics by Marcy Heisler


“Love Has Strings”


“Gabriel’s List” – Jill Abramovitz


“That’s All” – Jonathan Root


“Taylor the Latte Boy (with Strings)”