Hollywood Romance


Can true love triumph in the make-believe world of movie stars, gossip writers and cinema superheroes? Find out at HOLLYWOOD ROMANCE, the picture- perfect new musical comedy.

Small-town girl Claire McKenna has been burned by love so many times, she’s ready to give up altogether. So when her childhood sweetheart, now a wildly famous but publicly closeted movie star, asks her to say “I do” to a pretend love affair, she high-tails it to Hollywood and begins a glamorous life as Mrs. Jack Victory. Everyone’s on their way to a blockbuster happy ending—until a journalist assigned to write a puff piece on the happy couple senses a scandal…and a chance for a love story of his own.

Writers Jennifer Crittenden & Gabrielle Allan (“Seinfeld,” “Scrubs,”) join forces with songwriters Marcy Heisler & Zina Goldrich (Ever After, “Taylor the Latte Boy”), under the direction of Kristin Hanggi (Rock of Ages, Clueless), to create a hilarious, tuneful and smart musical comedy that’s as classic as it is contemporary.




“Hollywood Romance”


“There’s Only You” – James Snyder


“I Believe in Love” – Kate Rockwell


“Go Back (The Brainstorm Song)” – Marc Kudisch, James Snyder & Kate Rockwell


“Happy Ending”