Lyric Writing Workshop Information

General Class Information

Course Type/Curriculum

As a rule, ALL sessions include:

  1. 2.5 to 3 hour session format
  2. An in-class, creative blockbusting exercise
  3. Guided feedback of existing work
  4. An optional homework assignment applicable to either existing work or the work engendered in class exercises

Class size will optimally range from 3-12 students.

Classes with less than 3 students signed up subject to reschedule.

Schedule Format

Students are encouraged to take a series of six classes, and fees are
designed to reflect that. However, should more (or fewer) classes be
desired, class fees can be adjusted to accommodate.

All classes cover all things, so expect an exercise and opportunity for
personal feedback each time. However, some classes have an emphasis
on in-class exercise, and others have more opportunity to bring in existing
work. Each week will be different.


While all classes are designed for artists, students and writers pursuing a
professional career, they remain open to all levels.


Currently all classes are scheduled to take place at one of the main
Broadway rehearsal studios in the city – ie PEARL REHEARSAL STUDIOS,
500 Eighth Avenue, NY. Location is subject to change.


$100.00 per workshop class
(75.00 per session if signing up for more than 5)
$150.00 per private session
(100.00 per session if signing up for more than 5)
Payment required in advance of attending session.
Payment is preferred via VENMO.


Average sessions are set at $150.00 per hour. On occasion half-hour
sessions can be booked, subject to availability. Refunds (in special
circumstances) and make-up classes are subject to instructor approval and
can be arranged or discussed individually.


On occasion, a professional level substitute teacher or guest artist might
be utilized in the course of study. Advance notice will always be given.


As a rule, there will be weekly homework assignments. Homework is
designed to fuel class participation, and is optional – though assignment
completion is recommended so as to get the most out of class instruction.


Please email [email protected].