Lyric Workshops



Thank you for your interest in Marcy Heisler’s summer lyric workshop! CLICK HERE FOR SAMPLE CLASS ASSIGNMENTS/COVERED TOPICS


We’ve anticipated some of your questions, and provided some FAQ answers below. Our Facebook page will be a great way to share other questions, and the best resource for class updates once you’re enrolled.


Q:  How exactly are you structuring time and dates of this workshop?

A:  In order to be as accommodating as possible to summer schedules, we’ve designed a “smorgasbord” approach.  


Q:  Meaning…?

A:  While sequential classes are lovely and encouraged, students will be able to design their own six-pack of classes however they would like from the dates provided below: 



Saturday, June 16, 10AM -1 PM 

Saturday, July 7, 10AM -1 PM 

Saturday July 21, 11AM -2 PM

Saturday July 28, 10AM -1 PM 

Saturday Aug 4, 10AM -1 PM

Saturday Aug 11, 11AM -2 PM (If Interest)



**Subject to change

Thursday, June 14 3-6 PM

Tuesday, June 19, 3-6 PM

Thursday, July 12 6-9 PM

Thursday, July 19 6-9 PM

Thursday, July 26 3-6 PM

Tuesday, July 31 6-9 PM


Students are encouraged to take a FULL SESSION of six 3-hour classes, and fees are designed to reflect that. 


There will be NO CLASSES scheduled from June 22-July 1. 


Q:  That sounds like an interesting and flexible schedule.  But what are the classes like?  What’s covered?

The 3-hour classes are designed to provide broad-based exposure and experimentation with many aspects of professional lyric writing. While there certainly will be elements of form discussion and topical lectures, the true purpose of these workshops is hands-on development of creative work, both individually and collaboratively. ALL sessions include:

  1. An in-class, creative blockbusting exercise;
  2. Guided feedback of existing work;
  3. An optional homework assignment, applicable to either existing work or the work produced during in-class exercises

Q:  Ok, great.  But what if I want to take only four classes?  What if I want to take ALL the classes?

All classes cover all things, so yes, adjustment is possible.  Some classes will have an emphasis on in-class exercise, and others have more opportunity to bring in existing work.  Each week will be different.   

Classes should not exceed ten students per session so proper participation can be guaranteed.  

Class times are subject to cancellation/rescheduling if less than three students sign up for a given date.   Ideal class size is 8-10 students. 


Q:  What’s the experience level of your students?

While all classes are designed for artists, students and writers pursuing a professional career, they remain open to all levels. 


Q:  Where are the classes taking place?

Currently all classes are scheduled to take place at PEARL REHEARSAL STUDIOS, 500 Eighth Avenue, NY. Location is subject to change.   


Q:  Sign me up!  What is the cost of this workshop?

The standard six-class run is set at $450.00 per student*.  This fee includes six sessions, potential for bonus/makeup sessions, an included private consult, and some special events. 

Payment is accepted via cash, check, or PayPal. 

Refunds (in special circumstances), fee adjustments, and make-up classes are subject to instructor approval and can be arranged or discussed individually.


Q:  What if I want a private consult beyond the standard one provided?  Is that available? 

While a private consult is included in the series fee, additional private instruction fees can be arranged based upon project needs.  Average sessions are set at $175.00 per hour.   On occasion half-hour sessions can be booked, subject to availability. 


Q:  Where can I get even more information, ask more questions?  

Please email [email protected], consult our facebook page, and ask away!


Q:  Are there any other types of classes you are planning beyond your standard workshop?  Are you giving August classes?

A: Stay tuned for more information on future sessions and two special workshops in the works:



Designed with the goal of creating a custom piece of self-contained character work to be showcased in concert or live performance.   Time and duration to be determined. 



A 6-week, once-a-week workshop with the focus on slamming through the triumphs and challenges of how to frame a story. 


Once again, thank you for your interest!  If you are ready to enroll, please email [email protected], put ENROLL ME in the subject header, and we’ll reserve you a spot.