Goldrich & Heisler

The Official Website of composer Zina Goldrich & lyricist/author Marcy Heisler

Marcy Heisler and Zina Goldrich have been performing and writing together sine 1992. Their critically acclaimed romantic comedy songs have been featured in venues across the world, recorded by artists across many genres, and appear in numerous folios and collected works.


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“Marcy and Zina are one of the most consistently clever and funny songwriting teams working today. It’s clear why other songwriters such as myself view their body of work with admiration and envy.”

-Stephen Schwartz

“I feel like the luckiest woman alive to have been given the song ‘Taylor the Latte Boy.’ I shared it with the world and guess what? The world loved it. And so therefore the world loves Zina & Marcy. Their work still pushes the envelope of musical theater.”

– Kristin Chenoweth

“I always have at least one Zina Goldrich & Marcy Heisler song in my sets. The lyrics are either incredibly funny or deeply touching and the music that Zina has written elevates those lyrics in a way that makes the audience hear and feel each word. It’s like she’s written a beautiful “emotion map” showing the singer exactly how to interpret each story her songs tell.”

– Megan Hilty

“Zina and Marcy are not only some of my favorite songwriters, but also people to work with! They take such care in their writing and I truly love singing anything written by them because I know it comes from their hearts!”

– Sierra Boggess